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“You’re Welcome, Lebron” Billboards Go Up In Akron

ESPN TV and Radio host and Miami Herald columnist Dan Lebatard is a lot of things. A great writer, a brilliant radio host, a funny and witty person.
One thing he isn’t though, is soft on people who don’t treat Miami with respect when they deserve it.

Lebatard is behind these billboards that now checker certains areas of the city of Akron, Ohio.
He had to go this route after his attempt at getting a full page add, were thwarted by the local papers.


When Lebron dropped his essay a few weeks back, he neglected (either on purpose or by mistake) to utter a word of thanks to the Miami fan base. He mentioned Coach Spo, Pat Riley, Bosh, Wade and other team mates. But not the fans.

Now the Miami hater will cry “why should he thank you? You should be thanking him!!” Well, he should thank the Miami fans because, who else welcomed him with open arms after the Decision 1? Who else protected him when fans in Cleveland burned his jerseys, when Jazz fans booed him relentlessly (for what we don’t know). Who, other than his team mates and coaches, had his back via social media, on the radio and on tv, as the world hated him?

The Miami Heat fan, that’s who.

Folks will talk about the few dozen fans leaving game 6 of the 2013 finals early, or the ones who arrive late for a 3pm tip off. The ones that should be heralded are the ones who defended, and cheered for this man night in and out the last 4 years.

And Lebron should acknowledge them with a simple, thank you.

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