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Win or Lose SB 50, Cam still loses (money)

We often wish we could have the salaries of NBA, NFL, MLB, athletes.

What’s often lost in those day dreams and fantasizing is….taxes. Taxes mess everything up for those who only want to look at the big number.

For athletes though, it’s something that they have to look at and consider every time they touch the field in a different state. Two words that every athlete probably hates is “Jock Tax”.

Cam Newton, much like everyone else playing in the big game, will be affected by the jock tax as well. How much you ask? Oh…about 99.6%.

Win on Sunday, and Newton will pay California a total of $159,560 in taxes in 2016. Lose, and he will pay $159,200, based on an income reduction of $51,000.

Sounds crazy? It’s the law. Read more about Cam’s taxation here

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