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Win Or Go Home : NBA PlayOff Drama Awaits.

PLAYOFFS Well here we are once again. The NBA playoffs are upon us this weekend as your Miami Heat go after not one, not two, but yes “Not” three championships in a row.
South Florida’s favorite team is also seeking a fourth consecutive NBA finals appearance. Something the NBA has not seen since the Celtics of the 80’s. Currently the four top dogs in this year’s race to the crown are the two time defending champion Heat, the San Antonio Spurs, the Indiana Pacers and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Based on what we have seen in the season’s second half clearly the San Antonio Spurs have proven themselves to be early front runners in the chase to the ring.

The Spurs have included an impressive 19 game winning streak among their many noteworthy performances this season. Coach Greg Popovich and his group are still painfully reliving coming up just short against the Miami Heat in last year’s finals. This is a dangerous and driven team, spurred on by the failure of not completing the job a year ago. Heat fans will not like this but doing the eye test right now, the Spurs are in my opinion the team to beat in this year’s NBA playoffs. They have dominated the NBA this season except for one team. The Oklahoma City Thunder. OKC is to the Spurs what kryptonite is to Superman. At the moment one would have to favor San Antonio against anyone except the Thunder because it is simply a matchup nightmare for the Spurs who are 0-4 against OKC. In fact it was OKC that ended San Antonio’s record setting 19 game winning streak.

The big question surrounding the Miami Heat is the health of Dwyane Wade . Period. If there is no Dwayne Wade in the lineup for the majority of these playoff games, there will be no parade down beautiful Biscayne Boulevard. Yes Lebron James is indeed the best basketball player in the world but even the greatest needs some top notch assistant . Dwyane Wade is that key necessity for the Miami Heat. Throw in the on and off Chris Bosh and it is tough for anyone to top Miami. Factor in that the Heat have not been impressive down the stretch this season. They had been jostling with the Indiana Pacers down the stretch as both teams tried to beat each other at being “mediocre” (as we channel our inner Richard Sherman).Despite the fact that the Pacers held on to the top seed, something is amiss in Indiana, maybe those guys put too much pressure on themselves. Whatever it is head Coach Frank Vogel has better figure it out really quick because his team been sinking fast.

While the western conference appears to be a dogfight from top to bottom. The only teams that have mattered in the east the majority of the season has been Indiana and Miami. Others have improved steadily as the Brooklyn Nets and head coach Jason Kidd have steadied the ship after a rocky start to the season. The Nets somehow managed to go 4-0 against Miami this season. Marking the first time the big 3 have been swept by anyone since their much ballyhooed arrival on South beach. Also keep an eye on the pesky Chicago Bulls one of those teams could ruin what everyone eventually thinks will be an eastern conference showdown between the Heat and Pacers.

My conclusion is this, if we get Miami vs San Antonio again, i reluctantly lean towards the Spurs, who appear to be hellbent on revenge. The problem is as i stated earlier the Spurs have yet to figure out OKC and the reason i don’t favor OKC to win it all is simply that OKC cannot figure out Miami. Confused ? You should be. It all comes down to matchups when one looks at these top teams as we head into the playoffs. Let the drama begin. Win or go home.

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Ed is one half of the Sports Brothers. He has been in the radio industry for 14 years working in several formats including urban and talk. Upon returning to Miami in 2006 and working at WTPS, he and Jeff Fox were paired up and started The Sports Brothers.