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Who is Ready For Marlins Baseball?

Show of hands, who is ready for another season of Marlins baseball? Ok, don’t everyone throw their hands up at once. I’ll be honest I forgot all about the Marlins because they’re buried behind the Florida Panthers on the sports section of the paper because the Heat and the Dolphins are getting all the headlines. I didn’t even realize the Marlins were playing spring training games. I’m excited for Marlins baseball can’t you tell?

What can we expect from this Marlins baseball team this season? To be honest not much. They do have some young, promising talent like Andrew Heaney, Colin Moran, Jake Marisnick and Justin Nicolino waiting in the wings, but their contribution this season won’t help this team. These kids will get an early call up so they can get a taste for the big leagues.

Can Stanton stay healthy long enough for teams to dangle prospects at Loria to trade him for? Can Jose Fernandez make leaps from his outstanding rookie year this season or will he hit the proverbial sophomore wall. This Marlins baseball team has a lot of questions and it will take time for these things to work themselves out. At least this team won’t be eliminated on Opening Night like their President, David Samson, was on Survivor.

Speaking of David Samson, I’m not a fan of his at all. I’m not sure how a man so inept at his job can still be President of the Marlins for all these years but then again his boss is Jeffrey Loria; which explains a lot. My favorite part about his whole Survivor bit was his claim to fame. He said his claim to fame was, “Got local government in Miami to contribute over 350 million dollars to a new baseball park during the recession.” What a pretentious a$$hole. And to top off the irony, he was on the brains team on Survivor. How often do you hear brains and David Samson in the same sentence?

I feel the only time people will flock to Marlins Park to watch a game is when Jose Fernandez pitches. This Marlins baseball team is full of potential talent and they might be exciting to watch, but the ownership and front office have burned the fan base here one too many times which has led to a significant decline in attendance. Sure attendance was never big at Joe Robbie Stadium, but we were promised by ownership and management that a new stadium would attract talent and fans. How did that all work out?

I love baseball. I want to support these players and watch them grow. I will not, however; put a dollar into Loria’s grinch like pockets. I have no problem bashing the Marlins owner and management and I try to do so daily on Twitter via their team accounts. It may make me sound like a bitter old man, but I love the team and baseball too much to sit idly by why the fans and these players get perpetually screwed over year after year by the likes of Jeffrey Loria and David Samson.

Every season I hope MLB Commissioner, Bud Selig, will do the right thing and remove Jeffrey Loria as owner of the Marlins. I’m still waiting Bud and I’m still waiting for you to retire.

Rants aside this Marlins baseball team will have ups and downs this season. They will excite you and they will frustrate you. They’re still a few seasons and some veterans away from making a realistic push for the playoffs. These young kids have love for the game which will get them excited to play, buy will they love playing for a cheap owner and will they love playing in front of an empty stadium? Time will tell.

Marlins baseball is here, I’m just not sure anyone cares.