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White NFL QB’s More Likely To Get Opportunities To Succeed ?

That seems to be the case if you were to ask NY Daily News writer Chuck Modi  ( Twitter @ChuckModi1) who joined The Jeff Fox Radio Show via 2 Live Stews Radio  to discuss his recent column

In light of recent events involving the Buffalo Bills apparent willingness to move on from Tyrod Taylor, the question is does Chuck  have a point ?  Take a listen to the interview. You decide.

While opinions may vary, some may agree others may vehemently disagree . Meanwhile another NY Daily News writer Carron J Phillips ( Twitter  @carronjphillips)  shared similar thoughts

After reading both pieces and of course speaking directly with Chuck. I am inclined to agree with both men. Sure we are a long way from the days of James Harris, Doug Williams and Joe Gilliam but when it comes to being a black NFL quarterback, it seems like one must make the absolute best of any opportunities afforded or else.