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What the NFL has Taught us This Season

So the end of the NFL regular season is a little less than three weeks away and there are several things that we have learned this season. There have also been things that we already knew that shouldn’t surprise us (aka Tom Brady dominating). So with playoff implications on the line, lets go over some facts that we have learned this season.


1). The Carolina Panthers are for real: Okay so raise your hand if you thought that Carolina would be the last undefeated team in the NFL. Nobody? Carolina has continued to shock the league with how they just keep winning, despite coming into the regular season with few certainties. Cam Newton has posted MVP type numbers, even though his only established receiver coming into the season was his tight end Greg Olsen. And yet his numbers are incredible. He has over 3000 yards passing, with 28 touchdowns to 10 interceptions, seven rushing touchdowns, and numerous celebrations in the end zone. Their defense has been stout, gathering 40 sacks and 21 interceptions and not allowing any of their opponents to score more than 35 points. It also helps that you haven’t lost a game all season. With three games left, all eyes will be on Carolina to see if they can continue their undefeated season.

2). Tom Brady continues his excellence. Remember back before the season started when people weren’t sure if Brady would be suspended? Well he wasn’t, and if it weren’t for Cam Newton, Brady would probably be a lock for MVP this season. The Patriots have clinched a playoff berth for the 13th time in the last 15 seasons, and much of that has to do with Brady himself. His numbers are staggering, having throw for over 4100 yards, 33 touchdowns to 6 interceptions, and rushing for another three himself. What makes Brady’s season even more special is that most of his starters have been hurt at one point or another this season. The losses of Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, and Dion Lewis would normally be enough for any team to fail. Except Tom Brady isn’t human. Despite losing 2 games, the Patriots are back where they left off, and Brady is continuing his streak. Look for Brady to dominate in the postseason yet again.

3). Peyton Manning is human. So remember when everyone thought that Peyton was invincible? This season has proved that he is human. Injuries, inconsistencies, and poor performance led to the benching of Peyton for their backup quarterback, Brock Osweiler. The Denver Broncos have excelled this season, mainly because of their defense, but they should be a playoff team yet again. Unfortunately this looks to be the end of an era for Peyton Manning. He did break the all time record for yards, passing Brett Farve on the all time list. This is the last season for Manning, and it is a shame that he has to go out like this. Hell of a career though.

4). The Cowboys can’t win without Romo: The Cowboys were supposed to make a statement this season. Unfortunately it wasn’t a good one. Through the first two games of the season, they were 2-0. During that second game however, Tony Romo left the game with a fractured left clavicle. Since that time, the Cowboys have only won two games, and have a record of 4-9. So they have proven that despite a tremendous offensive line and Dez Bryant as their number 1 receiver, the Cowboys cannot win without Romo. Who knows what will happen after he retires.

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