Are the Jets a juggernaut?

Can the Packers bounce back?

Is RG3 the real thing?

Can Tannehill overcome the tip drill?

The first week of the NFL had some interesting surprises if you want to call them that. But some of the outcomes from week one have left people, well, kind of on a ledge already about some of the teams around the league.

The Packers going across country and losing to the 49ers did raise a lot of eyebrows. Especially when they somewhat struggled to get some explosion into their offense in week one. The questions came fast and furious; could it have been the vaunted 49er defense? Do the Packers miss now Dolphin HC Joe Philbin? What’s wrong with Aaron Rodgers?

Calm down. Nothing is wrong with AR12. They just ran into the NFC runner up from last year. Folks will try to not to give the 49ers credit where it’s due. They are well coached, have a good defense and the offense seems to be on lock and step from last year. I’m not worried about the Pack. They will be allright.



Another thing people overreacted to was the success of the New York Jets against the Buffalo Bills. Yes, the Jets were anemic in the preseason. Yes it looked like their offense was under the spell of the field goal kicking Tony Sparano. No it didn’t look like Mark Sanchez would make it out of week 2 let alone week 4 or 5 like so many are predicting.

I have two words that can solve all of this hype about the Jets; Buffalo Bills. Prognosticators had the Bills right there behind the NE Patriots at the end of the season. But why? Because of some upgrades to the defense and a few chips on offense? Umm…somebody remind me of when Ryan Fitzpatrick was elevated to elite status in today’s NFL QB ratings. Everyone knows that teams will go as far as their qb’s will take them. And right now the Bills aren’t going too far in my eyes. Besides, if you want to see what the Jets are really about, let’s gauge them this week against the Steelers of Pittsburgh.


Finally, we’ll look at two of the quarterbacks taken in the top 10 in this years draft. Robert Griffin III and Ryan Tannehill.

RG3 had a breakout day and did it against a respectable yet maligned Saints defense. But the rookie did go into the Superdome and out Drew Brees, Drew Brees. The consensus around talk radio and tv was it was a great job by the rookie, but I kind of felt like they didn’t want to give him a lot of love. It was like “yeah RG3 was great, but let’s not put him in the HOF yet”. Well yeah I agree with that, but give him credit. He did well enough to get Player of the Week honors, something a rookie qb has never done in his debut week. And he’s got a new craze, “griffining” that has taken the country by storm.

And on Tannehill and his shrinking in the pocket syndrome. As a Dolphin fan I hope it’s just a matter of some lanes that got clogged and is fixable. Nothing worse than a 6’4 top pick in the draft at the most important position, who shrinks in the pocket…literally.

That’s it for this week. Next week I’ll take another look at things that get exaggerated, overhyped and blown out of proportion in the NFL.


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