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Wade to skip all star game; “I think I owe it to the Heat fans to at least play in a Heat jersey first”

NBA All Star weekend in New York should be the usual mid season meeting of the best of the best in the NBA. Although he will be in New York for the festivities, Dwyane Wade decided that its best that he sit this one out and get ready to help his team in the latter part of this season.

Home Is Where The Heart Is...My Home, My City, My House #HeatLifer

Home Is Where The Heart Is…My Home, My City, My House #HeatLifer

“I went through this week and took it day by day,” Wade said. “I feel real good…but I don’t know if that will be a smart thing to do. I think the smart thing to do is to continue to use this All-Star Break, strengthen myself a little more and be ready for the second-half push. I think I owe it to the Heat fans to at least play in a Heat jersey first.”

By sitting out Wednesday versus the Cavs and Sunday’s All Star Game, Wade will have 23 days of rest going into a February 20th game at New York.

Does Wade sitting out and saving himself to play in this season make sense to you? Or should he just go balls to the wall and gobble up all of the player accolades he can?

“I wasn’t going to play much either way it goes,” Wade of the All-Star Game. “I think with the circumstances, I think the smartest thing to do was to let someone else come in.”


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