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Vince Young to back up Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay

“There is a gaaawwwd”

Those were probably the words out of Vince Young as he got the call from his agent or the Packers themselves.


Young has joined the Packers because they realize that they rolled the dice and got lucky in 2012 by using Graham Harrell as the backup to Aaron Rodgers. But with Rodgers sacked 51 times last year and B.J. Coleman unable to leapfrog Harrell in camp and Plan A for revamping the offensive line now blown up, the Packers needed a better backup.

I can’t see VY relagated to just practice squad duty as the statement alludes to. If he’s serious about this 3rd (or 4th) chance, he will grab the bull by the horns, and move up to that 2nd slot behind A-Rodg. Stay tuned…

In the meantime, we dedicate this to VY

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