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Van Gundy and Howard going back and forth

Just when things seemed to be settling down in Mickey’s land it seems that things are getting uglier by the minute.

The Orlando Magic just completed shoot around, and a question very similar was asked of the two separately. Van Gundy was asked if he knew if Howard wanted him fired, and Van Gundy said yes.

Howard comes out later and denies that he wanted SVG fired.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the tweets from @howardbecknyt as it happened.




And the video…

I don’t know what to make of Howard’s behavior in this process. On one hand he seems to be acting like the ultimate diva ball player. Going back to the indecisiveness and then finally making a decision that we all know is just a stall tactic until next year.
Or, has he pulled the ultimate pimp move? We thought Bosh, Wade, and James teaming up was the “I’ll show you” moment to ownership in sports. Now with Howard basically holding Orlando by the nuts for the next year, he has the ultimate say so in what goes on within the organization or so it seems.
This is just getting more interesting. Stay tuned…

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