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Uncle Luke The U Invented Swagg

Former 2 Live Crew front man and notorious Miami Hurricanes supporter Luther Campbell said on ESPN Thursday Night that the U invented swagger. Campbell was giving major props to Canes defensive coordinator Manny Diaz who came up with the rage of college football these days, Miami’s Turnover Chain.  In all my years of covering sports in South Florida this is about as amped up as i have ever seen this city for a college football game.  Certainly the biggest game they will have played in Hard “Rockin” Stadium so far. What makes this game even more enticing is how good the Fighting Irish are. They are very much deserving of that number 3 ranking as they have pulverized some very good teams. All of the intensity of the old rivalry days have suddenly engulfed South Florida. Canes fever has taken over . Uncle Luke is right about one thing, the swagger is back. If Miami can equate that to a win on Saturday night, strap on your seat belts because this will be one helluva ride.