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Turnovers, Penalties Doom the Dolphins

With the Dolphins playoff chances hanging by a thin thread, the Dolphins went out against the Buccaneers and just cut the cord. 17 penalties and 5 turnovers doomed the Dolphins. It was about as ugly as it could get if you’re a Dolphins’ fan.

The first 12 passes Jay Cutler threw, three ended up as interceptions. It felt like Bill Murray in the movie “Groudhog Day.” After halftime Cutler was not the quarterback under center as the team disclosed he was in concussion protocol. He finished his day with 83 yards passing.

Matt Moore came and led the Dolphins back from 13 points down to tie the Bucs at 20-20 with 3 minutes left in the game. Moore threw the game tying 61 yard touchdown pass to Kenny Stills who finished the day with seven catches and 180 yards. Moore provided the Dolphins with a spark on offense that led to the comeback and with the uncertainty of Cutler’s concussion, he will more than likely be the starter against New England.

The game was not without controversy. The Dolphins had the Bucs pinned at their goal line and in the ensuing play, Jordan Phillips and Andre Branch sacked Ryan Fitzpatrick in the endzone which should have been a safety but instead the officials placed the ball at the one yard line. Even after the play was reviewed the call was upheld. The Dolphins and their defense clearly were frustrated as they felt they had the safety. The defense even walked off the field and the special teams unit came out anticipating a reversal of the call.

Miami has had a lot of issues this season and for a team this talented it’s frustrating to the team, the coaches and the fans. High expectations have given way to doom and despair. With their schedule not as friendly as they would like with two showdowns with the Patriots and visits by both the Broncos and Bills, the Dolphins are perilously close to missing out on the playoffs.

Can Miami turn their fortunes and luck around to save their season? The next couple of weeks will let us know one way or the other.