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The Turnover Chain Is So Miami

How long will it be before the NCAA comes out and makes an attempt to ban the Miami Hurricanes Turnover Chain ? In a brilliant attempt to connect the current Hurricanes with their bad boy past Defensive Coordinator Manny Diaz came up with the Turnover Chain. Every time a Canes player forces a turnover he earns an opportunity to wear the coveted chain.  The players love it, the fans love it, America loves it but how long will the NCAA love it ? The Canes are zooming up the rankings and forcing turnovers has been a key to their success. There have been many times the past when the NCAA came up with so called “Miami Rules”. Like players ripping their helmets off right after a big play while still  on the field. One alleged reason was so the people can see exactly who did it.  Another was so the ladies can see who made the play . Hey look at me !! So disrespectful, so Miami, and we so loved it ! Unsportsmanlike conduct ? Whatever !  Let’s continue to enjoy the swagger these Canes play with and the Turnover Chain. Somehow i don’t think it will belong before the hating ass NCAA comes calling.