I’ve decided to bring you Trayvon Martin updates on our blog. Why? There’s a running joke in Miami ever since the 2011 finals that when things go wrong, blame it on Lebron. Even he has said it’s his fault everything in the world goes wrong.

But this time legitimately you can blame it on him. Because if it wasn’t for him and the Miami Heat bringing this issue to light in the sports world, I doubt many listeners of sports radio or media that has their heads buried in the sports landscape would know who Trayvon Martin is or even care about this case. So yes Lebron, this time you can take the blame with some pride.

In another yet development in the case, a staunch supporter of George Zimmerman defends Zimmermans use of the word “coon” in a 911 tape. Zimmerman is thought to have said either “f-ckin coons” or “goons”. Joel Oliver one of Zimmerman’s friends actually thinks that the word “coon” is not a racial insult. Wtf planet is this guy from?

Peep his game…

Really dude? You’r a 53 year old man (and he looks like a black one at that) that is okay with a person not of the Black race, calling a Black person a coon? And then to justify it that some Black people call each other that?

That’s like saying it’s okay for Zimmerman to call him a nigger, and it’s okay because so many rappers and athletes use the word as a term of endearment.

What a joke.


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