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Tony Romo Was Good Not Great

As soon as news spread through out the internet that Tony Romo had retired from the Dallas Cowboys, it was only a matter of time before people would start wondering when the Hall of Fame would come calling. Let’s just end that conversation now. Tony Romo was good, but he was never great. And he certainly doesn’t deserve a Hall of Fame jacket.

If Tony Romo was the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings or the the Jacksonville Jaguars would he get so much media attention? The answer is no, but since he was the quarterback for the perceived “America’s Team” he gets more publicity than he deserves. Tony Romo is like Eli Manning, but without the rings. Both are good quarterbacks and that is about it. Are either Hall of Fame worthy, no. Hell no.

In 10 seasons as the starting QB, he had only 3 season with over 4,000 yards. He had 3 seasons with over 30 touchdowns and only went to the playoffs 4 times. In a quarterback friendly league where quarterbacks get 4,000 yards and over 30 touchdowns each season as easy as it is to become a Michael Jordan meme, Romo struggled to get only 3 season with each.

Yet people put him in the same light as Ben Roethlisberger or even Tom Brady. Like he was a savior because he had a star on the side of his helmet. That star and notoriety was the only reason why he dated Jessica Simpson or Carrie Underwood. Do you think they would have dated him if he was a Houston Texan? Hell no. Just being mentioned in the same light as the Dallas Cowboys falsely elevated your status. Which is surprising because since the 90’s, the Dallas Cowboys have been anything but America’s team.

The Hall of Fame will come calling for him. Not because he only won twice in the playoffs or because he was the best quarterback in the league. They will come calling because he was a Dallas Cowboy. Most of the memories I have of Tony Romo is of him choking. Never able to win the big games. Always coming up short, but hey he was a Dallas Cowboy that has to stand for something right?

Like I said Tony Romo was good not great. Most of the time he hovered around average but playing for the Cowboys seems to elevate one’s perceived status. It’s a shame he will get a Hall of Fame jacket when in reality he just really deserves a participation trophy and someone saying, “It’s not always about winning. You did your best.” That’s the NFL today. Anyone with a Direct TV ad has to have some talent right?