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Tom Brady is the Greatest of All Time

Inside NRG Stadium, buried underneath the celebratory confetti, the question of who is the greatest quarterback of all time lays dead. A question that would generate enormous debate amongst it’s willing participants is no longer a topic of anymore discussion. Tom Brady answered the question emphatically with an dramatic come from behind victory against the Atlanta Falcons. Tom Brady is the greatest. End of discussion.

5 time SuperBowl Champion. Check.
4 time SuperBowl MVP. Check.
2 time NFL MVP. Check
61,528 passing yards, 456 touchdowns. Check and check.

Any name you want to throw out there can’t hold a candle to what Tom Brady has accomplished. Peyton Manning may have regular season records but legends are made in championships. Peyton has two, but his team carried him to victory and not the other way around. Aaron Rodgers, who? I’m failing to see how he is even considered one of the greatest. Terry Bradshaw had his time and it was eclipsed by Joe Montana.

Joe Montana was the closest thing to a competitor for the Greatest of All Time, but alas he was left behind by Tom Brady. Love or loathe him, you cannot honestly sit here looking at all the regular and post season stats and list of accomplishments of Tom Brady and say he is not the greatest.

The tuck rule. Spygate. Deflategate. The three excuses people will use the most to discredit Tom Brady. Not to mention how people feel the Patriots are cheaters and should have asterisk on their championships. Where is the same outrage for Jerry Rice admitting to using stick’um in games when it was banned? Should Montana have that blemish on his record as well?

We are watching the greatest of all time and a master of his craft and he is doing it at 39 years old. Like that Lebron James banner that hung outside of the Quicken Loans Arena saying “Witness” we are all fortunate to witness greatness. There may be never another quarterback as great as Brady. You can tell your grandkids stories of how you saw the greatest of all time and they can sit there wide-eyed, pretending to be like Brady.

Long live the king. Long live the greatest of all time.