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Tom Brady Covers Nike Logo; No One Seems To Notice

Over the first few weeks of the new NFL season, each time Robert Griffin III made his way on the field, folks would often notice that he had the Nike swoosh covered up on his warmups or otherwise (check here and here).

Players have done this all the time, with the most famous one I can remember was the original Dream Team (those with Nike or other shoe contracts) covering up the Reebok logo’s back in ’92.

For a full gallery of famous logo cover ups, check out Nicekicks.

Back to the point.

There’s been some mess made about RGIII and his covering up of the swoosh. Tom Brady recently showed up to a press conference, with a piece of tape covering up the Nike logo on his sweatshirt.

Tom Brady has a deal with Under Armour.

Have you heard anything of this yet in the news? Didn’t think so.

Let’s be fair and question Mr. Brady about this just as people question Mr. Griffin.

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