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It’s Time For Brad Kaaya to Go National

In this political season I think it’s only appropriate that we push for the issues that are the most important to us. Given that, as Miami Hurricane fans it is time we rally the base and make sure Brad Kaaya, our leader, our QB, gains more National attention he deserves. Sure I maybe a homer, but I’m at every Hurricanes game and I know when we a stud on our team and Brad Kaaya is the closest thing to a sure thing and he needs be a household name all over the country and not just here in Miami.

My biggest fear once he was named a starter as a Freshman, besides Al Golden ruining him, was that he wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure. Or he wasn’t ready or capable to lead the team. After seeing him against Louisville back in 2014 I knew we had a great one on our hands. His poise in the pocket, his fearlessness as well. He won’t shy away from taking a big hit if it means giving his receiver an extra second to get open. I’ve seen him on the sidelines rallying the team and being the vocal leader.

Entering his junior season with a new head coach may sound like a disaster waiting to happen, but when you head coach is Mark Richt and he wants to let things fly, it will be anything less than a disaster. Brad can make all the throws and he can make throws on the run. Now he won’t have to check down with the Golden staff before every snap. He can be the field general and lead the Hurricanes to victory.

Brad can’t be a national hero without some help. Stacy Coley came back for his senior year and he has been, when healthy, a great target for Brad. This season will be a big one for David Njoku as he is a big tight end who has great hands and even better speed. Let’s not forgot the stable of running backs for the U which all can catch passes out of the backfield for Brad.

The schedule this year for the Hurricanes, for all intents and purposes, is fairly easy. Two big matchups with Notre Dame and FSU gives Brad the national spotlight he needs to shine and solidify him as one the best players in the country.

Fans love him. Kids love him. Girls and boys love him. You can’t beat it when the majority is right and it’s time that Kaaya is recognized as one the top QB’s in the nation.