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Tim Tebow speaks to massive church in Georgetown, Texas

A couple of things are curious here.

The fact that Tim Tebow reached out to this church to speak to their congregation is curious. I don’t think there’s a doubt that Tebow is gearing up for some post football career type move into the pulpit or something dealing with religion. This is good practice for him. But when this church got word that Tebow wanted to “share his story of faith”, attendance grew and more volunteers were added.

From the clip I also found it curious that he finally addresses the “Tebowing” thing that popped up in the season. He’s absolutely right, he wasn’t the first athlete to bend on a knee on the field and he certainly won’t be the last.

Tebow took to the pulpit about half way through the service, which featured live Christian music, speaking for about 20 minutes with Champion. “My biggest prayer is to kind of make that cool again,” Tebow said alluding to his patented “Tebowing,” or dropping to one knee in prayer – a move that’s become one of 2012′s biggest memes. “For a high school kid to get on a knee and pray and it’s not something that’s unique or different and that it’s O.K. to be outspoken about your faith.”


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