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Tim Tebow, a Patriot?

When all the sports world should be talking about the upcoming Game 3 of the NBA Finals, we find ourselves thrown back under the big top circus tent that is Tim Tebow. I’m still baffled at New England for signing Tim Tebow when it was almost a certainty that he had taken his last knee in the NFL. Sure over the years Bill Belichick has taken on media distractions such as Corey Dillon, Randy Moss and most recently Chad Johnson aka Ochodoing30daysinthebighouseCinco, but never has New England taken on such a project and distraction that attaches itself to Tim Tebow like a remora.

How many of us thought we had seen the last of Tim Tebow? Sure he is an intelligent person who has been gifted with amazing athletic ability, but those same traits could never manifest itself into an average QB let alone an NFL starting QB. I won’t lie, I’ve never seen someone throw a punt that way Tebow can and yet New England signed him and the whispers from media is that he will be a QB for the team. I know Tom Brady isn’t fearing Tebow being in camp the way Mark Sanchez did, but some of his new teammates must be questioning to themselves why? I’m saying, “Why?”

Being a loyal Patriots fan that I am and have been since the day I was born, we’ve been trained to believe in the saying, “In Bill we trust.” I believe in Bill but this move has me asking why? I have few theories, none corroborated, but theories none the less.

  1. Belichick will use him in goal line packages and gimmick plays. Tebow can run the ball and efficiently so that makes sense to sign him for his versatility. The Patriots love all their players to be versatile.
  2. Belichick’s arrogance has led him to believe he can actually make Tebow a QB.
  3. The Patriots wanted to steal all the media attention and have it focused squarely on them because lets face it, there are new kids on the block that are shining in the lime light once owned by the Patriots.
  4. Belichick and Urban Meyer are great friends and maybe this was a favor to rehab Tim’s image and improve his game.

What ever the reasons for the signing we’ll never know because it’s the Belichick way to be as vague as possible. You won’t see Tim giving interviews like he did in NY. Interviews are reserved for captains and the head coach. The “Patriot Way” will be tested with the arrival of Tim Tebow. If there was ever a place Tebow could get it together it was in New England and several pundits and experts felt that New England would sign him.

As much as I would love to protest this signing because of my personal beliefs that Tim Tebow is not an NFL QB, but I trust in Belichick and the Patriot Way. That way has led to SuperBowl titles and all the glory that comes with it. This could cement Belichick’s legacy as a mad genius who could do things that no one else envisioned or it could blow up in his face similar to the way Mark Sanchez ran head first into the rump of his offensive lineman. Time will tell.

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Ed is one half of the Sports Brothers. He has been in the radio industry for 14 years working in several formats including urban and talk. Upon returning to Miami in 2006 and working at WTPS, he and Jeff Fox were paired up and started The Sports Brothers.