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The real story of the “beef” between Harper, Wells and Jones

This morning on the Today Show, Lolo Jones was interviewed after yet another loss in the Olympics 100 meter hurdle.She got emotional when talking about a media scrutiny surfaced about her two days before her run. You can read that story here

Here’s the video of Jones on the Today Show

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At another studio the winners of silver and bronze in the 100m hurdle Kellie Wells and Dawn Harper appeared with Michelle Beadle, and spoke about their discontent with they way they have not been covered the last four years in contrast to how Lolo Jones has been covered. ┬áHere’s their conversation

Did they come off a little catty? Yes. The looks, the curling of the lips, the “boom…just like that” at the end, weren’t necessary. But Harper and Wells have a case, that I will get to shortly.

There’s been a lot of dialogue on social media on who is salty, who is to blame and why is Lolo Jones crying about attention. But I would like to get to what is the root of this whole discussion. Black skin vs. Light skin in the African American community.

Before you scrunch up your face and say “ugh…here we go talking about race again”, don’t forget that the two parties in question are Black. The media will take what they feel is the more marketable face and run with it. Lolo Jones has been homeless. She’s been on tv and was asked about her relationships and why she is still a virgin. She’s gotten the big endorsements and the “airtime”. Wells and Harper haven’t, and they are Olympic medalist, while Jones has struggled in her last two Olympiads. You heard Harper said she has had struggles to, and her story was pushed to the side.

I do believe it’s an issue of the more marketable look or face being put in front of the story. This is the Anna Kournikova thing happening in track. Lolo Jones can’t control that the media wants to focus on her (positively or negatively). Kellie Wells and Dawn Harper may or may not know this, but the hate towards them should be tempered in my opinion.

Hopefully this latest schism can begin the dialogue about whether or not media gravitates towards the pretty lighter skinned face, rather than the pretty darker skinned face.

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