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The “Malice at the Triple AAA?” A look at Pacers-Heat series

On Tuesday night at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, there was a very highly animated basketball contest between the Pacers of Indiana and the Heat of Miami.

Ha. To say the least?! This game was reminiscent of old school basketball 80’s style. Hard fouls, blood and a lot of chippiness.

Let’s review shall we?

Before this series even started, Indiana coach Frank Vogel said that the Heat are…

“They are the biggest flopping team in the NBA,” Vogel said. “It’ll be very interesting to see how the referees officiate the series and how much flopping they reward.”

Whatever. Starting in game one, Danny Granger decided to become a fake tough guy, hassling and trying to provoke Lebron James into some sort of fight.

Then in game three, Pacers bench mob and rookie Lance Stephenson did this while Lebron James was at the free throw line. Juwan Howard didn’t like that too much and decided to approach him during the teams shoot around before game 4. All seen in this video here…

Ok…so it’s pretty much established that the Pacers are trying to bully the Miami Heat. Now forward to Tuesday nights game 5 at the AAA.

Tyler Hansborough fouls Dwyane Wade


Udonis Haslem welcomes Tyler Hansborough to the 305

and then…

Dexter Pittman shows Lance Stephenson a real choke sign

Call it what you want but don’t call it unfair. It’s up to the NBA league office to decide if Udonis Haslem, or Tyler Hansborough or Dexter Pittman (likely) will be suspended for game 6 or more. The twitter-sphere was going crazy as to who will be suspended and for how long. I will say this…

If you suspend Haslem, you must suspend Hansborough. Both fouls, in my opinion, were questionable and could be seen as flagrant 2’s. The media (ESPN) keeps mentioning Haslem as if he is the only one guilty of wrong doing.

Pittman…I’ll give you that one. He set out to show Stephenson what a choke job is really about.

And then there’s David West who says this after the game

David West said he felt a Heat player went for his knee at end of 3Q. Said “that’s part of the game” and “I don’t need anyone to protect me

Fine. Let’s play ball. By the way, Stephenson is ok. No concussions or anything broken. Except his pride.

Game 6 in Indiana will be something to watch. I feel as if the Pacers are losing it late, they will try and provoke any Heat player to some sort of action so that they may be suspended for the next round. The Heat need to do all they can to keep their heads on right (literally and figuratively) and just get the win and get out.

Stay tuned..

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