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The Hurricanes Are Now a Weak Depression

Time to take down the plywood from the windows. Take those batteries and wrap them up with the Christmas gifts. Give all those bottles of water and perishable goods to the homeless; they need it more than you do now. The once mighty Miami Hurricanes have now dissipated into a weak tropical depression in the NCAA. After an embarrassing loss this past weekend to Duke, Miami have all but blown their chances at another shot at FSU for the ACC title and will now have to settle for the bowl game to be held in December somewhere in Western Kentucky.

Al Golden was quick to caution fans and media alike that the U was back to being a household name and a powerhouse in the NCAA. He must of knew his team lacked the mental toughness to bounce back after a loss only to lose 3 in a row while giving up 40+ points each game. To put this prolific descent back into obscurity into perspective the Hurricanes were the #7 ranked team in the nation and barely a month later they are out of the Top 25. Losing to FSU, Virginia Tech and now to Duke consecutively will do that to you. Question is will this team fizzle out in the last few remaining games or will they find the inner strength to rise up from the recent defeats and end the season on a high note?

Shocked, dismay, utter disbelief; are all correct descriptions of how fans feel today knowing that Miami had a chance to be back in the national picture and are now just an after thought. How did this team unravel so quickly? Where was that stout defense that was barely giving up any points and producing turnovers? Where was the high powered offense we kept hearing about? Wasn’t this the year we were supposed to be rewarded with a team that was BCS worthy? How do you lose to a team with a track around it’s field like Duke has? That just screams that they don’t take their football program seriously that they share the facilities with the track team. No disrespect intended towards the Duke team. They’re having a great season for their standards but this is the U.

Not one to be over dramatic over a loss but, after 3 straight; heads need to roll. Wake Forest, Appalachia State etc. are use to 3 straight losses and think nothing of it, but this is Miami. The U. Here no loss is acceptable and 3 straight is downright embarrassing. I know Al Golden brought Mark D’Onofrio to Miami with him from Temple, but it’s time to say goodbye and find a defensive coordinator who knows how to teach tackling. The defense looked more like matadors screaming, “Ole” as running backs ran past them.

The defense isn’t the only guilty party in this fiasco. The offense has had more personalities this season than Amanda Bynes. Stephen Morris has been consistently inconsistent after having a coming out party last year. Losing Duke Johnson was a major blow and so was losing Phillip Dorsett but to a lesser degree as Stacey Coley made his mark at the WR position in his absence.

Yes the 2013 season for the Miami Hurricanes is now lost. Charlie Sheen has a better chance at being drug free and in a monogamous relationship than the Hurricanes do at a shot at the ACC title showdown with FSU. OF course this is college football and stranger things have happened. It would be sweet to exact revenge on FSU, but we may have to settle for beating FSU on XBox with cheat codes.

Sure the team is embarrassed, and they should be, and fans are upset but the one positive from all this is that the program is getting better. Progress isn’t a straight shot upwards; it occasionally has dips down before it sky rockets upwards again. The past 3 games have been a real big dip in the wrong direction but the U have a shot upwards awaiting them. The Hurricanes are recruiting talent and in time it will all pay off. Just don’t lose 3 in a row again and especially to a team that has a track around its field like Duke.