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The End of an Error

The end of an error ended on a night when the Miami Marlins lost to the Atlanta Braves 8-5. The last game of the season was also the last game that Jeffrey Loria would be owner of the Miami Marlins. The nightmare of his ownership is over and the sun slowly starts to rise above Marlins Stadium.

Loria sold the Miami Marlins to Bruce Sherman for $1.2 billion. With the sale of the team, Loria still found a way to steal money from the Marlins. I don’t blame him for selling the team for that price and walking away with a huge profit. I’m just angry he screwed the city and baseball fans for so long and his final act is to walk away with money and the team is left a mess.

Also gone with Loria is his lackey front office stooge, David Samson. I believe the whole office should be shown the door as they have been one of the most inept in baseball for so long. New CEO, Derek Jeter, has already begun notifying certain executives that their services will no longer be needed.

Loria leaves a nasty taste in most mouths of people in South Florida. His greedy and selfish tactics have led to the low interest in baseball here in Miami. A new stadium, which he swindled from tax payers, is practicality brand new as attendance is so paltry it’s embarrassing. His ego driven compulsion to make hastily and rash decisions has screwed over the team numerous times including the firing of Joe Giradi who went on to win a World Series with the New York Yankees.

As the darkness of night must end to give way to the light of day, the Marlins darkness of the Loria ownership has ended. It will remain to be see how long the effects of such a horrible owner will linger on, but with any hope, the new ownership will quickly erase any lasting memory or inclination on the Loria ownership for the Marlins and Marlins Stadium.