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The Cubs May Lose This Round, But They’ll be Back

To those of you who are bashing the Chicago Cubs because they’re down 3-0 in the series, just stop. imagesThis was supposed to be a building year for them. It was supposed to be a year for their rookies to get accustomed to the majors. It was supposed to let them evaluate some of their players and find out what they need during the offseason. Nobody expected them to have the third best record in MLB. Nobody expected their rookies to contribute the way they did this year. Nobody expected them to even be in contention for the National League Wild Card. And yet, here we stand with the Cubs in the National League Championship Series. Sure they are down 3-0 and probably won’t advance, but for where they are, this season is a giant victory for them. Not to mention the last time a Theo Epstein team was down 3-0 in a championship series, that team went on to win the series and the World Series. Don’t count them out.

For the (mainly White Sox) fans that are bashing the Cubs right now, here are some questions for you to ponder. Where is your team? How many wins did they have? Is that team playing for a chance to go to the World Series? Unless your answer is the New York Mets, Toronto Blue Jays, or Kansas City Royals, you cannot say anything. Just sit back and observe on what a team that builds from within can do. Look at Kris Bryant. Look at Kyle Schwarber. These are rookies who have played an incredible role on this Cubs team that couldn’t be duplicated again. Also I’m speaking as a White Sox fan, but enough with the “over 100 years” joke. It’s boring and rehashed.

Arguably the biggest reason why the Cubs are down 3-0 in this series is the play of Daniel Murphy. He has hit a giant homer in every single game this series, and dating back to the NLDS against the Dodgers, he has homered in six straight games. There is no explanation for this. He got hot and it happened at the time that the Mets needed him most. The Mets are just riding out an incredible second half. They caught their stride at the right time; beat the best 1-2 punch in MLB and are currently pitching and hitting their way to a World Series. Sure they have one more game to go, but both of these teams deserve praise. One last sentence; whoever the winner of the ALCS is (most likely Kansas City), they’ll have their hands full with whoever wins this series. This World Series will be very interesting.

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