Derek Jeter puts East Side New York bachelor pad up for sale

I believe that if you work hard to make your money, then you should play hard when spending your money.

When it comes to living quarters, you want to be comfortable. And I don’t know about you, but if I spend a few million on a home or condo, I’m going to want to spend a lot of time in that piece.

Derek Jeter’s bachelor pad is amazing. It’s got everything, well, that he wanted in a place. A 360 degree view of Manhattan, 16 foot walls covered by ultra suede wallpaper, pool table, fireplace and seating for 14 at the dining table.

But how much does he really get to enjoy it? 5 months out of the year maybe? Baseball is a long and hard season from March to October. Fortunately for him, his playing years are coming to an end, but he won’t be in this place for much longer. It’s on the market, reduced to a┬ádiscounted $17.95 million, down from the $20 million price of two years ago.


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