Why did M.I.A. flip off America during the Super Bowl halftime? (video)

I’m still scratching my head wondering why artist MIA flipped off the entire world during her Super Bowl performance with Madonna and Nicki Minaj this past Sunday.

Let’s back track for a second. First of I had to dig through twitter (follow us @thesportsbros) to find out who this woman was performing with Madonna and Nicki.

Then once I found out, I wondered where she had been and why I haven’t see her since her Grammy performance with T.I., Kanye West, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. Yes she was pregnant and probably took some time to raise her child. But to go from sitting on the couch to Super Bowl halftime performance? I’m still trying to do the math on that.

Regardless, she could have stayed on the couch. Her contribution was minimal and her decision to flip off America will only make the Halftime committee scrutinize the “younger” artist even more going forward.

If you’re still trying to figure out who she is, maybe this will jog your memory.

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