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Hey Adam Jones You Are Not Alone

Good for you  Boston Red Sox for  apologizing on Tuesday morning, a day after the Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones said he was called racist names and had stuff thrown at him from some idiots in the stands at Fenway Park on Monday night. “The Red

Baltimore’s Lor Scoota Latest Rapper To Be Murdered

I still get over come with grief when i think back to that fateful day on March 9th 1997 when my favorite rapper The Notorious B.I.G. was gunned down. It was only a few months after the death of the iconic Tupac Shakur. Hip Hop

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Ed Sylvain is one half of the Sports Brothers. A 15 + year radio veteran, Ed spends his time now in the Education field. He concentrates his writings on the psychology of sports, writing on the social climate that affects the sports and non sports world.