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Suspension Tarnishes Brady Legacy

tom-brady_416x416 So it seems that the NFL finally nailed the New England Patriots. It was only four months ago that the Pats raised another Lombardi trophy and triumphantly gave all of the leagues other envious franchises a big middle finger. Well this time the NFL dropped the hammer on the champs. The four game suspension of iconic quarterback Tom Brady, the stripping of two New England draft picks and a $1M fine by commish Roger Goodell finally showed the doubters that no the Patriots do not get away with everything. Truth is could you blame anyone for raising an eyebrow at Goodell kicking it with Pats owner Bob Kraft on the weekend of the AFC Championship game and then shortly after that the news broke that the Pats were involved in yet another cheating scandal. Yep the same team again. The Tuck Rule. Spygate and now Deflategate.

In the Judgement of the Wells Report. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots cheated. Trying to gain a competitive edge, call it what you want. They cheated and this time they paid the price. Everybody wants to win and win in a fair fight. To be a champion is the ultimate honor in sports and to be labelled a cheater is the ultimate insult, the ultimate disrespect. So where does this leave Tommy Perfect ? The NFL’s glamour boy with the boyish good lucks, the multiple Super Bowl rings and the supermodel wife. He had it all and folks were ready to move Tommy Boy into the Joe Montana penthouse reserved for the greatest quarterback in league history. Some folks like ESPN broadcaster and ex teammate Tedy Bruschi flat out refuses to believe that Brady did anything wrong despite strong evidence from the Wells Report.

Others though will not be as compassionate. Ask Lance Armstrong, Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa or Barry Bonds. Heck ask Alex Rodriguez who just passed the great Willie Mays on the all time home run list and got the Kanye Shrug from the sports world for the most part. Cheaters get no love. The ultimate betrayal in sports. You are not who we thought you were. A fraud, disgraceful, fake. Can you really say that about Tommy Terrific ? Does deflating footballs tarnish his epic performances on the football field. Will he no longer be a first ballot hall of famer bound for Canton ? Ultimately the history books will decide that.

As for me ? I do not have him moving into Montana’s class. After all, what do we teach our kids ? To play fair, good sportsmanship. Brady may be a victim of some of the team’s other transgressions but he also benefited from them. It will be interesting to see how the Kraft-Goodell relationship will be affected by this. This is a mega scandal. This is Michael Jordan being suspended by the NBA after winning Finals MVP. Picture that. The face of the NFL has been sacked by scandal. I think Brady is an all time great regardless of what effect gaining a competitive edge may have had on the outcome of games. I still believe Barry Bonds is the greatest baseball player of all time despite the steroid accusations.. As for Tom Brady ? Well……i was on the fence with that decision. After this stunning Wells Report and NFL decision. I don’t think so. Tommy Scandal is just not that attractive.

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