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Stop This Durant Nonsense Lebron Is Still The King In The NBA

Maybe i am being biased i don’t know but why is this such a raging topic in the sports world nowadays ? Has everyone suddenly become prisoners of the moment ? Kevin Durant plays for what is widely regarded as the best team in basketball in the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors have won two of the last three championships but were sparked to victory last year primarily because the games second best player joined an already championship caliber team. Durant averaged averaged 35.2 points, 8.4 rebounds, 5.4 assists and 1.6 blocks stellar numbers indeed. Common sense however will dictate if you take the game’s second best player and put said player on the league’s best team the end result will be a bolstered team winning a championship which is exactly what happened. In my Denzal Washington Malcolm X voice i must say “I’m so surprised , I’m so surprised ” !

This does not mean that Kevin Durant is now the game’s best player. Durant is on the best team, let’s give them that, a team stacked with stars in their prime but Lebron James has been and still is the best player in the NBA and in the conversation for best player of all time. Lebron James in his 15th season is an even better player now than he was at any point in his career. How scary is that ? Lebron James is getting older and getting better at the same damn time. That defies what we have seen with the all time greats in sports. They usually regress around year fifteen except Lebron.  Furthermore if you were to take Lebron James and put him on the best team in the NBA would this even be a conversation ?

Let’s all take a deep breath and come to our senses. Kevin Durant is a great player , the second best player in the NBA for a few years now. However he has not passed Lebron James, he plays for a better team. Do not confuse the success of the team with the success of the individual in this case. I explained earlier that we are seeing exactly what we are supposed to see when you take a star player with Durant’s pedigree and add him to a championship team like the Warriors.  Not to take anything away from Kevin Durant either as good as he is he has improved also.

Durant is no longer just an incredible offensive player — he’s one of the best defenders in the NBA now, too.

In light of the recent Christmas day battle on national TV between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors people used this one game as another opportunity to compare the two stars. Almost as if what they saw in the finals gave them the belief that Durant was best and the recent Christmas Day game confirmed it. Nonsense folks, complete utter nonsense.  On Christmas day  James went at Durant twice in the final 75 seconds of a very tight game, and twice, Durant prevented James from scoring….by clearly fouling him. Fouls that were not acknowledged by the refs or the NBA until after the game was over. The dreaded oh we missed a call there, oops, we sorry.

Marinate on that.