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Stephen A Smith Does Not Care What You Think About Him


Folks are casting shade at ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith for giving his honest opinion on Kevin Durant, saying his joining the Golden State Warriors was a “weak move.” I happen to agree with Stephen A on this matter as well. If i had not i would have simply said so. Either way it does not make a difference to Smith. He gets paid millions of dollars to do a job which is to give his opinion on sports in particular the NBA. I reiterate. He gets paid to give “His” opinion. Whether you agree or disagree is totally up to you. I am quite sure SAS could give less than a damn about the growing number of critics who are now attacking him including fellow journalists, sportswriters and broadcasters.

Smith’s controversial take on Durant’s jump to Golden State from Oklahoma City didn’t sit well with many people in our business and that is fine. The critics noted what they deemed to be the hypocrisy of Smith ripping Durant for jumping to a better team when Smith himself jumped from a smaller TV gig/newspaper columnist job to riches and glory at the Worldwide Leader in Sports. How is that comparable ? What goes on in the world of sports and news journalism is to seek opportunities to join a better team and advance in your career. Many great ones have started with humble beginnings.

All Stephen A pointed out was the obvious. Durant came within a whisker of beating the Golden State Warriors and when he came up short he decided to join them rather than keep trying to beat them. Magic and Bird never joined each other. Jordan did not decide to join the Bad Boy Pistons after continuously losing to them. In sports honor and respect is gained by overcoming the odds, by not quitting and by showing grit, determination and heart. It looks to me that Durant simply took the easy way to a ring. Golden State was favored by many to win it all next season whether they had Durant or not . Smith elaborated on Facebook Live, noting Durant and the Thunder had three chances to put the reigning NBA champions away and couldn’t close the deal.

“It is the weakest move that I’ve ever seen an NBA superstar commit,” said Smith. “You riding the gravy train. You jumping on a bandwagon. The GSW don’t need you. They’ve won without you. Chances are they’ll win again — without you. You’re jumping on their coattails to do, what some would say, you should have done on your own already.” I agree with Stephen A but there is no written rule that said we must all agree on everything or on every topic. Imagine how boring the business of sports would be without these great debates. The personal attacks on Stephen A Smith however is something i could do without. In fact he does not need me to defend him, he can do that on his own. Common sense should tell the naysayers though that if he was so awful at his job, he would not be the iconic sports figure that he is and get paid as such. So go ahead and disagree and attack his personality, integrity and qualifications to give his opinions. I doubt seriously that he cares what you think. Moving along now….

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