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Stephen Curry wins unanimously; Tracy McGrady does not approve

By now all of you have heard that Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry has won his second consecutive NBA MVP award. The NBA and Kia had their official press conference on Tuesday, and the award will be presented in front of what is sure to be a raucous home crowd tonight at the Oracle Arena, right before tip off of game 5 in the series with Portland.

All year long the Warriors have heard from the critics and haters about their historic run at the Chicago Bulls 72-10 record. Folks were comparing this team to championship teams of the past, and how they wouldn’t stand a chance against them in a playoff series.

And yet another former player had something to say about Curry’s winning the MVP award, for the first time in unanimous fashion. This time it’s Tracy McGrady…


“For him to get this unanimously, it just tells you how watered down our league is. When you think of MJ, Shaq…I mean, those guys really played against top notch competition. More superstars, I think, on more teams, than it is in our league today. But it’s well deserved. He had a hell of a season.”

I couldn’t disagree with him more. As many have already pointed out, there is top notch competition in todays NBA. Lebron James, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, etc. You could make an argument that with the possible exception of Philadelphia and a few others, every team has a superstar or All Star caliber player.
What T-Mac failed to mention is the obvious…Curry’s play and skills have surpassed (for the moment) the current superstars in the league. Period.

I don’t care that he makes a lot of threes, or that he doesn’t get down there and bang in the post, or that his defense is good not great. He’s a baller, and in a league of ballers he stands out from the rest in resounding fashion.

Are the Warriors good without him? Sure. Are they a hell of a lot better with him. Absolutely.

Congrats to Steph Curry on his second NBA MVP award. There should be a few more coming your way in the future. curry

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