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The Sports Staff Super Bowl Picks


The moment you’ve been waiting for is here. We’ve made our picks. Now you must read them. Warning. You may or may not like what you’re about the read.

Matthew Bernstein

Seattle’s defense is the best in the NFL. I have a feeling they will overpower Tom Brady and Gronk. Seattle’s offense just isn’t as strong as some of the other teams in the NFL. Their defense is the reason why Seattle is in the Superbowl.
​Seattle over New England 24-17


Patriots 28-17. I hope I didn’t jinx them by making the pick.



David Alen

Seahawks are winning for sure!

As silly as “Deflategate” is (The longer it goes the dumber America gets), it’s a distraction. Teams that are “distracted” tend to not perform well in Super Bowls. Look at the Falcons after Eugene Robinson(?) was caught by an undercover cop posing as a prostitute. When Barrett Robbins left the team because he had severe mental issues, which the Raiders and no one at the time knew. Robbins leaving the team distracted the Raiders and they were lambasted by the Bucs (Sorry Jeff). The Bengals in the 80’s when their running back was swallowed by a sea of cocaine before they faced the 49ers.

Even the mighty Patriots have fallen before because of distractions. The 17-0 Patriots seemed to be basking in their own hubris during the two weeks prior to the Super Bowl in 2008. We all remember Tom Brady laughing at the reporter saying “We’re ONLY scoring 17 points? OK, ah ha ha ha ha”. They scored 14 and lost.

Lettuce not forget that the Seahawks are a damn good team and you cannot be distracted when getting ready for them.

Seattle wins and becomes the first team to win back-to-back since the… Hey look at this… The Patriots.

Final score? I don’t know… Seattle 2-0, the first ever walk off safety in SUPER BOWL HISTORY!


Claude Phanor

Seattle Seahawks 28 – 24. Back – to – Back Champs!..

The lights don’t go out this year.

A small scuffle during the game as the Patriots try to injure Sherman and Earl Thomas.

2 rushing touchdowns by Marshawn. 1 passing by Wilson. 1 TD score on defense. INT for a TD by Sherman under 30 yards. Pete Carroll runs down the sideline with Sherman as he is returning it.

Lynch finishes with 85 yards rushing and doesn’t grab his crotch.

Wilson finishes with 215 yards passing and 1 fumble (turnover).

Brady throws 2 INT’s (one as I said returned by Sherman) and finishes with 300 yards passing and 3 TDs. He also fumbles once after D gets to him after one of their blitzes.


Sean Dockery

The Seahawks D will stifle the Pats throughout the game. Lots of 3 and outs, and a couple of turnovers for New England. Brady will mount a comeback in the 4th quarter but it won’t be enough. Beast mode will run out the clock in the end and finish the game with only one fine.
Seattle 27-24


Jeff Fox

This game will all about the versatility of Russell Wilson. He will extend plays with his scrambling ability which will help extend Seahawk drives. Marshawn Lynch will be ineffective early but have a big fourth quarter. Tom Brady will be harrassed all day long by a vicious Seattle defense, A costly Brady fumble on a blindside hit will turn into a defensive score. Seattle pulls away late 27-17 and Wilson wins SB MVP.- Fox



Ed Freeman

Let me say that I will be rooting for the Seahawks. I like Russell Wilson defying the odds and proving people wrong (including the Dolphins brass) that said he couldn’t play in this league.

I like Richard Sherman and his intelligence in the way he plays the game, and how he tells it like it is, to the media. Some may see it as a football player running his yap. Well this guy just happens to be a Stanford grad who can back up the trash talking with intellectual banter.

I like Pete Carroll and the youthful-USC like enthusiasm he brings to coaching in the NFL.

And even though some crusty old school journalist or some new fangled blogger may not like his responses to the media, but Marshawn Lynch is playing all of us all the way to the bank.

But having said all of that, Tom Brady has been playing with a chip on his shoulder. He has just had a look in his eye this whole season that just spells trouble for anyone that comes in his path.

We all thought the Pats were dead when Hernandez went to jail, Gronk went down, and when Welker left. We thought it was over when the opened the season with a loss to the Phins, got beat by the Chiefs and when rumors circulated that Patriots brass were getting ready to usher Tom out.

Well. We were wrong. They are back where they feel like the rightfully belong. Deflated balls or not.

Patriots 31 Seahawks 28.

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