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Slain Teen’s father thanks Miami Heat; atheletes

Tracy Martin is a man with a heavy heart right now. His ex wife and he are going through a tough ordeal with the loss of their 17 year old son, Trayvon Martin who was murdered during the All Star weekend festivities in Sanford, Fl. If you haven’t heard of the story, you need to be flogged.

The Elder Martin has let it be known that he appreciates all the support the family has got over the last few weeks, and especially since the Miami Heat took a team picture in their hoodies and showed solidarity for this tragedy.

I saw a post that D-Wade has saying “I’am Trayvon Martin”, Tracy Martin said. “To see all these athletes put Trayvon in the same sentence with them it feels good. Trayvon was an excellent athlete and if he could hear them saying his name, he would be so moved by it.”

The Miami Heat came out in their hoodies and that’s just saying, we are people, we have hearts, we have feelings, we have emotions. That’s a warm feeling. The sports world has embraced this big time.


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