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Shelly Sterling attends Clipper-Warriors game 5

Shelly Sterling has come out unscathed (so far) in this whole Donald Sterling mess. I kind of look at her as a partly senile, partly trying to hold onto some of that money old lady who doesn’t care that her billionaire hubby is galavanting around town with a gold digger.

A day after leaked the audio of Donald Sterling spewing racist remarks to his now ex (I think) girlfriend, Shelly released a statement saying that her husband’s thoughts are his own and she does not agree. She also sat and watched the Clippers lose to the Warriors in game 4 in Oakland.

Later though, they got together for dinner, and she shouted to the reporters as they were leaving “he’s not a racist!”.


Trying to keep up with her and what seems to be bi polar behavior will make you scratch your head, and so will this.


Donald Sterling’s wife has apparently flip-flopped again … hitting up the Clippers game by herself last night after the league BANNED her estranged husband FOR LIFE.

Shelly Sterling was escorted in and out of the Staples Center in L.A. — by an official (who happened to be black btw) … and cheered on the team Donald Sterling has been banned from associating with.

It’s almost like she’s thumbing her nose at Donald by going to the game, since he’s not allowed anywhere near the arena.

It’s an odd move by Shelly … considering earlier in the week, she went to dinner with Donald and seemed to have his back — screaming that he was NOT racist.

But days before that, she blasted him in the media … claiming Donald’s racist comments humiliated the family.

So, the question … does Shelly have Donald’s back or not?


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