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Shaq will not pursue Orlando Magic GM job

Whew! We may have just averted the most embarrassing career move of a lifetime.

The internet went nuts Wednesday with speculation that Shaquille O’Neal would go after the general manager job left open in Orlando after  the firing of Otis Smith. Dr. Diesel is currently an NBA analyst (sort of) on TNT’s NBA show with Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson. Shaq released a statement basically shooting down the offer.

“When I first heard about the vacancy for the Orlando Magic general manager position, I was clearly intrigued,” O’Neal began in the statement. “I was drafted by the Magic, I have a great love for the franchise and I have made the city of Orlando my home. Additionally, I have great admiration and respect for the DeVos (ownership) family.

“However, this is not a job I have an interest in pursuing. I feel very fortunate to be with TNT and to have the best job in sports. I look forward to many more years with Charles (Barkley), Kenny (Smith) and E.J. (Ernie Johnson). I wish the best for the Magic and I am confident that they will select a great GM and coach.”

Stephen A. Smith said it best the other day. Shaq is getting paid a lot of money to basically work 2-4 nights a week. Is he ready to get into the daily grind of being a GM and building a team? Shaq needs to be an owner, not a GM.

Shaq is about the business, but I think he’s about the fun more than the business.

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