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Ryan Tannehill to start for the ‘Phins

Ryan Tannehill is going to do what so many people feel he is ready to do for the Miami Dolphins.


Coach Joe Philbin made the announcement on Monday that the #8 pick overall in the 2012 NFL Draft was ready to assume the role sixteen other quarterbacks before him have tried and failed at for the Phins.

“This is the best decision we can make at the given time,” coach Joe Philbin said.

“At the given time”. I love how coaches speak in code. I think that means that if Tannehill struggles in the first few games of the season, David Garrad, who’s out with a knee injury, will have an opportunity to take over the starting job in the season if necessary.

Will that shake Tannehill’s confidence? Can that ruin him? That remains to be seen. For now, he game plans for Friday nights matchup against the Falcons, and week 1 at Houston.

Stay tuned…

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