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Ryan Tannehill scores an above average score on Wonderlic Test

Miami Dolphin fans may lick their chops when reading this. Then again, they may not care, after the Dolphins less than stellar free agency period where it was promised that the team would get a franchise quarterback. I can’t remember if they said they would get one or would go after one.

Regardless, this bit of news may perk the ears up on a lot of people who are stuck on deciding if the former wide receiver turned quarterback is worthy of the 8th pick in the draft.

Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill reportedly scored a 34 on the Wonderlic Test.
According to Dr. Z’s New Thinking Man’s Guide to Pro Football, the average score for a quarterback is 24, and most teams want a signal caller to score at least a 21. So Tannehill’s Wonderlic score puts him into an elite category, at least in terms of this one piece to the puzzle. He projects as a top-12 pick.
Obviously you want your quarterback to be smart. These days you want your quarterback to be a little athletic too. But what he lacks in foot speed and agility, he’s got to make that up in smarts. And judging by this test that is the end all be all for football guru’s, dude is off the charts. 

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