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Royals add Cueto and Bolster Rotation

I think Kansas City made a giant statement. If you were without Internet access for this weekend, let me fill in for you. The Kansas City Royals, desperately needing starting pitching, decided to go out and obtain Johnny Cueto from the Reds. Granted they gave up three Left Handed Pitchers for Cueto, but it shows one thing: Kansas City is serious about going back to the World Series. The KC Royals were among the bottom three teams in starting pitching and innings pitched. For a team that relies heavily on their bullpen, it wasn’t a good mix. Throw in Cueto, who seems to pitch seven or eight innings every time he starts and it rests that very dangerous bullpen of theirs.

As with any trade, KC gave up some good players for a possible playoff run. KC sent away Brandon Finnegan, John Lamb, and Cody Reed. Finnegan actually made the KC playoff roster and pitched in seven playoff games, but has struggled this year. Lamb and Reed are big time prospects that should help the Reds rebuild their farm system. Kansas City has a way with developing some great talent, and any player that is a high prospect in their farm system has a chance to become a great major league ball player. So for KC to give up three of their highly rated prospects really shows how determined they are to get back to the World Series.

If there is a drawback for this deal, it’s that Johnny Cueto is a free agent at the end of the year. He is expecting a big pay raise and the small market Royals might not be able to sign him to a team friendly deal. If that happens, then Cueto is only with the team for two months. Granted that two months could cultivate in a World Series win. The best scenario that can happen for the Royals is that Cueto signs a long term deal with the team. That is unlikely to happen, but hey it’s baseball. Anything can happen.

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