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Romo Makes Bold Claim

1794508_926184350747478_7278913878349087505_nOne of the latest tweets that the SportsCenter account retweeted was a rather bold prediction from the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. On April 16, 2015, Romo boldly said, “We’re going to win a Super Bowl next year”. Now I’m all for optimism, but this is a step too far. There are several things wrong with this statement. 1. It’s only April. 2. The Cowboys lost their number one running back from last year in DeMarco Murray. 3. There are better teams in the NFC that could easily beat them.

Let’s start with number 1 shall we. It is only April. The NFL draft hasn’t even happened yet. Like I stated before, I have no problem with optimism, but at least wait until after the draft is over to see what you pick up in the draft. Right now the Cowboys need help at the running back position. There are plenty of talented running backs in the draft like Melvin Gordon, Todd Gurley, and David Johnson. Any one of those running backs could turn into the next Murray.

Going back to the running back situation, DeMarco Murray bolted for the Philadelphia Eagles. Murray actually set the Cowboys franchise record for rushing yards last season. Making up those yards won’t be an easy task to accomplish by any means. The Cowboys currently have Darren McFadden, and no disrespect to him, but the Cowboys should look for other options, like through the draft or free agency. Not to mention that Murray went to a rival team in the NFC East, making it harder for the Cowboys to win the division.

For Tony Romo to say that the Cowboys are going to win the Super Bowl next year, they have to beat several other teams that have either been to the Super Bowl, or won it. The Green Bay Packers are always the NFL analyst’s favorite to win the Super Bowl. The Seattle Seahawks are as close to undefeated at home as a team can get. If the Arizona Cardinals could figure out their quarter back situation, they could be considered an elite team. That is a lot of elite teams to go through. Sure Dallas has Dez Bryant, but he can only do so much. Part of the reason for Romo’s success last season was being able to split the offense into running and passing. Without that split, Dallas is going to turn into a pass first team and struggle like they have in the past.

Tony Romo, you are a good quarterback. There is no question about that. But for you to say that you’re going to win the Super Bowl next year? Now you’re banking on a little insanity. Take things one-step at a time, see how you do in the draft, and then go into preseason camp with that confidence. Don’t just openly say you’re going to win the Super Bowl when you lost your running back, haven’t had the draft, or have to face other elite teams like Green Bay.

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