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Robert Griffin III makes an NFL first

He’s yet to throw an official pass in an NFL game, yet he’s already making a first.

The jersey of RGIII will have his now famous roman numeral “III” on the back. He’s the first NFL player to have this distinction.

According to Paul Lukas of Uni Watch, it’s a historic inclusion. Lukas says, as far as he can tell, Griffin will become the first player in major American sports to have a Roman numeral on the back of his jersey.

The NFL changed the rule this offseason and it allows Roman numerals and Jr./Sr. distinctions. The III has a special connection to Griffin but is also a killer marketing tool.

In terms of the “marketing tool”, RGIII has signed on with Adidas aka “Three Stripes”. The roman numerals can also be seen as three stripes as well.

Good for the rookie. He’s on his way.


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