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Pictures of Ray Allen’s meeting with the Miami Heat

Anyone can be an amateur “reporter”  now a days. All you need is a camera phone, a twitter account and some witty lines.

It also helps if you live in a city where stars and athletes are everywhere. And that they are eating dinner at the same restaurant that you are in on a Thursday night.

Ray Allen is in search of his next employer, and he is in Miami being courted by the world champions. Adam Birnbaum (@abirnbaum818) is a senior in high school, and while enjoying an evening of dinner with his family he sees executives from the Miami Heat stroll in and grab a table.

Then lo and behold, in comes Ray Allen a few minutes later. His sister (@nicolebirnbaum) and he tweeted some pictures and kept a play by play of some of the happenings.

Funny stuff. And the only stuff that can be done via today’s social media.

Nick Arison, son of owner Mickey Arison


Alonzo Mourning and Eric Spoelstra


Pat Riley and what looks like Nick Arison

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