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Oh Derrick, Oh Derrick, please come out to play?!

The Chicago Bulls find themselves in a must win game 7, on the road in Brooklyn to try and continue in these NBA Playoffs. With a team that is breaking down physically and who is need of a spark off the bench, there is one thing that is for sure about this team as they face elimination. Derrick Rose is healthy enough to play.

Let’s take a look at the Bulls as they stand today.

Plantar_Fasciitis1Joakim Noah has plantar fasciitis, which is described as is a painful inflammatory process of the plantar fascia, the connective tissue on the sole (bottom surface) of the foot. Aside from the big words, Noah, as much as I despise him as a Bulls player has been playing through pain and is giving it up for his team, team mates, fans and the organization.

Derrick Rose is healthy enough to play though


Luol Deng had a spinal tap procedure done to test for viral meningitis. What is a spinal tap? It’s defined as “it is a lumbar puncture to collect and look at the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord.” This sounds eerily similar to the epidural procedure women get done in preparation for child birth. Deng is a game time decision for Saturdays game 7 versus the Nets.


Derrick Rose, though, is healthy.

Kirk Heinrich has a bruised calf. Taj Gibson got a case of the chills while sitting on the bench Wednesday night. You saw him right? He was sitting a few seats down from Nate Robinson who had a towel over his head, hugging a trashcan.

Let me remind you in case you didn’t see…

But Derrick Rose is doing this….


Before you think I’m piling on D Rose or “hating” as you guys like to throw around, let me say this. I’m one of the few people that understands that  athletes and the mental edge that they need to do what they do is paramount about all else. Most people just think that sports figures are just barbarians who get out there and just throw, run and catch!

I understand it when Rose says “he will come back when God tells him he’s ready”. I can empathize with him if doesn’t think he’s mentally in check yet. I GET IT DERRICK. However…there comes a time when you’ve got to, pardon the cliche “get over the hump”! Your boys Taj, Noah, Deng and Kirk (and maybe Nate) are bussin their asses for the team right now. Reports say that you are killin these boys in practice. They say you’ve got the lift. The burst. The speed. Well..why can’t you get over the hump and take it to the court? When will you let the demons of the past go instead of

There have been “reports” of Rose not liking the team around him and won’t come back until the team makes wholesale changes in the off season. Word is that when the team released the information that he was medically cleared, Rose didn’t like that move and has continued sitting out in some sore of protest.

All of these rumors and street talk is juicy for sports radio and columnist, but what it really boils down to is that Rose must look within himself and overcome whatever it is he needs to overcome to get back on the court.  His city needs him. The fans need him. But more importantly, his team needs him. They have been there for him, not it’s his turn. Someone needs to tell him that he won’t be alone. Unless he’s














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