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Obvious Blackballing Of Kaepernick Must End Soon

Colin Kaepernick’s attorney has issued a statement recently that he expected the banished quarterback to be signed soon. If he continues to remain unsigned , then any first year law student should be able to win a collusion case against the NFL. Moments ago came word that Texan’s rookie sensation Deshaun Watson has gone down with a torn acl basically ending his season. Who will the Texans call now ? Dan Pastorini ? It just seems as if NFL teams are willing to employ anybody not named Colin Kaepernick.

There are fragile QB situations all over the league and it seems Kapaernick is about as wanted as i would be at a KKK rally. Unstable situations remain  in Cleveland, Green Bay,  and Denver just to name a few.

I won’t even get into why Kap took a knee or anything like that. This makes the NFL really look bad and despite the fact that some folks feel that Kap may have a hard time proving collusion. I think both Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Blind Blake and any other sightless or lifeless person you can think of can see this injustice a mile away.