It doesn’t really matter when the NFL starts it’s season. I’m a believer that if it started it on a Tuesday afternoon at 1:37pm, the TV ratings would equal or surpass a prime time Monday Night Football matchup. This country is football crazy and nothing will keep us from watching the game.

The NFL announced that it will begin it’s 2012 season on a Wednesday night, as to not conflict with President Barack Obama’s DNC nominating speech.

Roger Goodell made the announcement that the regular season will begin Sept. 5, one day earlier than the traditional start on the first Thursday of the month. The defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants will host the opener.

For those that may feel like the President should do a little juggling of his speech, well this is something I’m sure even he can’t totally control. And besides he has made some changes in the past as well. Like last year when he¬†switched a scheduled jobs speech to 7 p.m. so it wouldn’t bleed into NBC’s coverage of the Green Bay Packers-New Orleans Saints game.

Gotta love a sports loving Prez.

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