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Why I Am Not Comfortable With President, MLB In Cuba

Thank you Dan LeBatard. Earlier today i heard the ESPN radio host emotionally explain how he feels anger and pain when he has to watch President Obama and MLB on this goodwill mission to Cuba. I have worked in the past with LeBatard at 790 The Ticket in Miami. I would like to think that i know him pretty well and he is the most humble human being that i know.

He never wants to be the story as successful as he is in this business, so if he sees this story he probably will not be thrilled about it. However i now have a bit more clarity on the situation thanks to him allowing us into a very painful place. I have never seen him nor heard him like this. Never heard him admit how he cries every time he has to write about Cuba. I have also met his parents and they are wonderful people, of course America knows Papi from ESPN’s Highly Questionable, he is now a household name and i harass momma LeBatard about baking me a cake every time i see her. LeBatard revealed the wounds his family and countless others have had to endure at the bloody hands of the Cuban government. We live in Miami the hotbed for Cuban activism and home to Little Havana where the media goes to test the pulse of the Cuban people. While i do not understand all of the intricate details and nuances of President Obama’s visit and MLB’s presence in Cuba i understand real pain and anguish when i see it. To see this and especially from someone i know makes me uncomfortable.

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