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No Matter the Result, LeBron is MVP

With the NBA Finals almost over, it’s time to see who the MVP of the series is going to be. Unless something drastic happens, it’s most likely going to be LeBron James. There is one big catch however; LeBron would be doing it in a losing efGM lebronfort. Unless his Cavs can win game six, then the Golden State Warriors are going to win their 4th NBA title. LeBron would become only the second player to win the finals MVP in a losing effort, joining Jerry West in 1969.

Now the reason that LeBron would win the MVP would be because of the effort that he has put in. Going into game six, LeBron is averaging over 35 points per game, 12 rebounds, eight assists, and playing more than 45 minutes. He is pretty much single handedly trying to keep the Cavs in these finals, much like 2007. The biggest similarity between that series and this series is that LeBron has no supporting cast. He has been the only consistent and productive player on the Cavaliers.

Consistency is always key in anything. And the only sense of consistency that the Cavaliers have is that they are inconsistent. J.R. Smith will go off during one half, and then slump the second half. Matthew Delledova had two good games and that has been it. Iman Shumpert has been consistently a bust. The only sense of consistency that the Cavs have has been LeBron.   LeBron has been consistently keeping the Cavaliers in the games, scoring about 40% of the teams points in each and every game. Compare that to Steph Curry, who has some support in Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala to take the pressure off of the league MVP.

LeBron has had no one to help him out. This is part of the reason that he deserves the finals MVP no matter the result. He has pretty much kept the Cavs in almost every game and if he were to have Kyrie Irving or Kevin Love with him, the Cavs would have made this series a lot more interesting. He is putting on a show for a team that would not have made it this far without LeBron. Even though what he said was cocky and arrogant, LeBron really is the best player in the world. Unfortunately for him, one player cannot win the Finals single handedly.

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