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NFL Compensatory picks announced


The 2013 NFL Draft will take place from Thursday, April 25 through Saturday, April 27 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

A total of 32 compensatory picks were given out. Baltimore and Atlanta received the most with four.

The order was announced from the owners meetings in Phoenix, AZ.

Here is the complete list of 2013 compensatory selections (You can download the league’s press release here):


95 overall: Houston Texans

96 overall: Kansas City Chiefs

97 overall: Tennessee Titans


130 overall: Baltimore Ravens

131 overall: San Francisco 49ers

132 overall: Detroit Lions

133 overall: Atlanta Falcons


166 overall: Miami Dolphins

167 overall: Green Bay Packers

168 overall: Baltimore Ravens


201 overall: Houston Texans

202 overall: Tennessee Titans

203 overall: Baltimore Ravens

204 overall: Kansas City Chiefs

205 overall: Oakland Raiders

206 overall: Pittsburgh Steelers


239 overall: Philadelphia Eagles

240 overall: Cincinnati Bengals

241 overall: Seattle Seahawks

242 overall: Seattle Seahawks

243 overall: Atlanta Falcons

244 overall: Atlanta Falcons

245 overall:Detroit Lions

246 overall: San Francisco 49ers

247 overall: Baltimore Ravens

248 overall: Tennessee Titans

249 overall: Atlanta Falcons

250 overall: Miami Dolphins

251 overall: Cincinnati Bengals

252 overall: San Francisco 49ers

253 overall: New York Giants

254 overall: Indianapolis Colts

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