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New Year, Same Miami Hurricanes

A brand new season, but the same lackluster play calling and coaching still persists. Didn’t Al Golden say he was going to shake things up? The game this past Friday made FAU look like FSU with the horrendous play calling. Not even half way into the 2nd game of the season people on social media were calling for Al Golden’s head and I can’t blame them.

I can understand if there was no talent on the team and the coaches had to make do with what they have, but they have 7 guys go in the first couple of rounds of this year’s draft. There is talent there, but what is absent is coaching.

I never thought I would have be so upset with the coaching so early in the season. I wasn’t alone either. Here are some tweets from Canes legends and these are the tame compared to what other Cane fans were saying:

It’s apparent Al Golden is too drunk on his kool-aid to see the issue is with the coaching. Did anyone ask Mark D’Onofrio what he was thinking with his play calling for the defense? Why was the offense plays so conservative?

The first two games of season were supposed to be the easiest and if you look at the scores you think the Hurricanes routed both teams, but in reality the game was a lot closer than the scores indicated. This nonchalant coaching effort is going to get the Miami Hurricanes crushed by the likes of Clemson, FSU, Nebraska etc. Teams that prey on weakly coached teams like the Hurricanes.

I truly feel for the players because you know they want to succeed. They want to win and exceed expectations, but they’re being held back by soft coaching.

The wagons have already circled around Al Golden and his staff. The lynch mob is out for his job. It’s only a matter of time now. I gave Al a clean slate to start the season and it only took the 2nd game for him to eviscerate any leeway he had with fans.

The problem isn’t with the U, it’s with you Al Golden.