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NCAA Powerful Images

UnknownJust like everyone else’s bracket, mine was completely screwed up once Baylor and Iowa State lost. However since those losses, Ohio State lost, Villanova lost, and Kansas just got beat. To say that this NCAA tournament has been anything but intense would be an understatement. On the first day alone, there were five games decided by 1 point. Most of the games haven’t been blowouts; rather they have been decided by a couple possessions or less. One of the more surprising losses has been Villanova as they lost to #8 seed NC State. From all of these losses, powerful pictures and videos have been captured of the losing and winning teams.

Every tournament there are always powerful images and pictures from the game that defines what everyone has gone through. This year is no exception. From the Villanova band member crying mentioned above, to Georgia State’s head coach breaking down in tears when he was talking about his son, who played for Georgia State and was its star player. Georgia State has been the subject of several events during the short time the tournament has gone on. From upsetting Baylor and making it to the Round of 32, to losing to Xavier, Georgia State has actually been the school talked about the most.

Georgia State, a 14 seed out of the West, surprised everyone when they beat Baylor on a game winning three. Even more impressive was the reaction that occurred right after the three went in. Georgia State’s head coach FELL OVER after the shot was made. Ron Hunter was actually in a cast because he tore his Achilles tendon and after he fell over the cast was cracked. Still the image of him falling over in celebration has been burned into everyone’s minds… until the next game occurred. Unfortunately Georgia State’s Cinderella season ended with a loss to Xavier. As a result of the loss, the absolute most powerful image was created. Ron Hunter giving a huge hug to his superstar son. Not only was it powerful, but also it was tear jerking. This emotion carried over to the post-game press conference as Hunter was reduced to tears when the subject of coaching his son was brought up.

These weren’t the only images produced from the first couple days of the tournament. After Villanova’s shocking loss to NC State, the camera happened to focus on a band member from Villanova. Tears were streaming down her face as she struggled to continue playing the school’s fight song. As a result numerous memes were created from this image. Despite all the joking, it was still a strong picture because it showed how much these students cared for their team. After all this was a Villanova team that captured its first ever Big East title. The emotion that poured out of the young woman showed just how much these students loved their team. All of these powerful images were from the first couple days of the tournament. Only time will tell what else can happen.

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